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Gerard Kearney Art Australia

Baby Blue Print

Baby Blue Print

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Dave’s life was about to change. See he ran a little run down service station in a little run down beachside town (Awesome surf though).
Pumping gas, cleaning windshields and checking oil, was the order of most of his days. Sometimes he would grab his surfboard and head across to the beach when business wasn’t booming. Which sadly was most days.
Yes Dave enjoyed the simple life, but he was very lonely.
One gorgeous day Dave could hear a loud thumping noise coming down the road towards his servo. He ran outside of his little confined office and saw the most beautiful girl in the world pulling into the station in a wicked blue 427 Shelby AC Cobra.
He quickly tried to look cool. Grabbing a Coke and the pump nozzle and leaning awkwardly against the bowser. The girl in the Cobra smiled and let go a little giggle. She thought Dave looked goofy but very sweet.
She started talking to Dave as he filled up her tank. Her name was Kim and she had just purchased the little cafe across the road from him. Dave was beside himself with excitement when he heard that and he started to stumble and stutter awkwardly. He realised he wasn’t pulling off the cool look anymore. Kim laughed out loud and Dave joined in.
She took the bottle of Coke from his hand and took a sip. She then looked Dave in the eyes and said. “Dave I really like you. I want you to come over to the cafe tonight and I’ll cook you dinner”. Kim then looked him up and down and added with a wink “Then I’m going to cook you breakfast”
Dave’s lonely days were officially over.

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