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Gerard Kearney Art Australia

Bad to the Bone Print

Bad to the Bone Print

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"Bad To The Bone" 2022
Jake had a reputation around town as a bad boy. It probably didn’t help that he drove a very tough 426 Hemi powered Dodge Charger.
But Jodie knew that Jake was anything but a bad boy. She knew he was shy and very sweet.
Everyday he would go through the drive thru where she worked and would order the same thing. He just wanted to see her and maybe ask her on a date. But he would get to her window and stutter and stammer and drive out the other side frustrated and embarrassed. Jodie would just chuckle, as she knew what he was up to.
One day she heard the Charger come thumping down the road and started to prep Jake’s usual meal. This time however, his order would contain something a little extra. Jodie knew he would never work up the courage to ask her out, so she had slipped a note with her number on it into the bag.
After that day, they lived happily ever after until Jodie wanted a Hemi of her own. Enter the Dodge Challenger. But that is a story and painting for another time. To be continued

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