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Gerard Kearney Art Australia

Rebel Yell Print

Rebel Yell Print

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"Rebel Yell" April 2022
It’s summer 1984. Dave takes his mate and their girlfriends to the beach for a day of sun and surfing. He takes every chance to show off his sweet Drifter panelvan he saved so hard for.
As the day starts to come to an end, they all pile back into the van. Dave kicks the engine over and the 318 rumbles to life. Donna says she wants to check out the little surf shop before they go. But Dave says there is not enough time if they want to get to the drive-in to see The Terminator movie. Plus they had to pick up a carton and a bottle or two of Passion Pop for the girls. Greg chimes in if they have enough time, can they get a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Dave and the girls all yell out “Hell yes”.
With that Dave pulls away from the curb and pushes the cassette in. Immediately Billy Idol screams out through the speakers and they all join in.
With a Rebel Yell, she wanted more, more, more.
Life is simple and good.

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