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Gerard Kearney Art Australia

Rum and Coke Print

Rum and Coke Print

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The origins of this painting came from the legendary story of Dale the Coca-Cola delivery driver and Brennan the Bundy Rum delivery driver.

For years Dale and Brennan would pass each other on the narrow winding costal road, both going about their daily delivery runs. They never really knew each other, but they would always give each other a friendly hand gesture whenever they passed.
One fateful day they came to grief on the notorious stretch of road. A road known for its history of serious accidents. Due to poor maintenance, not being marked and mostly because people were checking on the condition of the surf instead of watching where they were going.

Their vans collided and bottles and metal went everywhere. But luckily Dale and Brennan escaped injury. They dragged themselves from their wrecks and surveyed the carnage.

They noticed the contents of the bottles starting to mix and run towards the pristine beach. They knew they had to act fast to avert an environmental disaster. So with disregard for their own safety, they dropped to their knees and began to lap up the substances on the road.
Slowly they raised their heads and stared at each other and began to smile like busted sand shoes. For they knew they had found something truly unique. Something truly life changing like the moon landing or the invention of toilet paper, but better. At that precise moment they became best friends and immediately went home to do karate in the garage.

Word soon began to spread about their invention and they became overnight successes. They became filthy rich and bought luxuries like night vision goggles, Randy Jackson signed Samurai swords, drum kits, bunk beds and movie quality Chewbacca masks. Life was gooood.

So next time you are having a Bundy rum and Coke. Raise your glass and say cheers to Dale and Brennan, aliases Dragon and Night Hawk.
This painting was brought to you by Gerard Kearney, Bundaberg Rum, Coca-Cola and Dale(Dragon) and Brennan (Night Hawk) from the awesome blockbuster movie Stepbrothers.



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