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Gerard Kearney Art Australia

Texacana Print

Texacana Print

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Texacana....It’s 1980 and I’ve just turned 15. A few friends and I head to the cinema to see the latest Star Wars movie ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.
We are on intermission after watching some boring documentary before the main movie. So we decide to head over to the Texacana Cafe across the road and grab a thickshake and some cinnamon doughnuts. Maybe even play the new Xenon pinball machine.
So we walk down the stairs of the cinema and see the Texacana in all it’s orange and white glory. Outside sits a gorgeous Sundowner panelvan and a Sandman tucked down the laneway, with a couple wrestling in the back. (Hey, we were naive)😜
We get our snacks. I get mine for free, because my older brother’s girlfriend works there. We look over at the new flashy pinball and the row of 20 cent pieces stacked on it. The older kids will be playing it for some time to come. So we decide to head back to the cinema.
As I cross the road and sip my strawberry thickshake. I hear Barracuda blasting out of the stero from one of the vans. I look at the blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun. I realise that at that moment, life was not only good, it was awesome.

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